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Reasons you should buy High Karma Reddit accounts from us?

We have a team of professionally registered members working with us who manually create Reddit accounts and use them naturally, so there is no risk of getting these accounts banned or causing any trouble in the future.

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Other online sellers, dealers, and websites sell high Karma Reddit accounts. Still, there is a risk that those accounts are handled by bots and will be banned once you begin using them because Reddit is stringent and has an enthusiastic team and bots that detect spam, bot, and inactive accounts.

If you buy Reddit accounts from a competitor, you could get scammed, hacked, or get an account that could be used as a bot with harmful upvoting software. You won’t have to deal with these issues if you buy accounts from us.

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You will be getting what you pay for, as stated in the account detailed description. We sell what we elucidate and nothing else.

Compared to the services offered by other websites, which can be pretty pricey and do not provide any guarantee or return policy, ours are quite affordable.

Can you Buy Reddit Karma?

If achieving Reddit karma is your objective, then you won’t achieve that goal by purchasing Karma from other users.

There is no way to buy Karma on Reddit, not even with Reddit coins or a paid membership, and it is frowned upon to ask users directly for upvotes.

If a social media platform service claims to let you buy Karma on Reddit, you can assume it is a scam because there aren’t many trustworthy websites that provide you with account karma for your Reddit account.

Even if it were possible for you to gain Karma from it, it would most likely violate Reddit’s terms of service and result in you being banned from the website.

But if you want an account with existing Karma that fulfills your Reddit account needs, you can buy aged accounts with post karma from us at upvotemarket.

Buy a Reddit account with Karma from us.

Upvotemarket is one of the best sites for Reddit marketing pros and Reddit ads. Here we provide a chat log where you can ask any choirs regarding the Reddit activity and about the aged accounts.

We have different aged accounts for sale. You can buy Reddit accounts with Karma, as shown above. We provide instant delivery in our service.

We offer cheap Reddit accounts that are reliable, and we have a wide range of these accounts with empty email accounts, so after the purchase, you can just put your email account address and get full access and become the rightful owner of that one account plus, no other members can access it.

These accounts are safe to use and have a good reputation. Our services are very cheap compared to other expensive sites and don’t offer a money-back guarantee on a return policy. But we give a money-back guarantee to our clients.

How to Buy high Karma and Aged Reddit Account?

Purchasing high karma and aged Reddit accounts through Upvotemarket is simple.  All you have to do now is complete your purchase after selecting the package you want. Soon after, a dashboard will appear.

The dashboard will prompt you for a few pieces of information that will assist us in matching you with the best-aged Reddit account from our database.

Your order will be processed as soon as you provide the requested information. These include payment confirmation and the delivery of the account.

However, the delivery time will be longer than the 24 hours stated in the website’s estimated delivery time section.

High Karma Reddit accounts for sale!

Are you looking for high Karma Reddit accounts for sale? If yes, then you are at the right place. In the above table, you can see Reddit accounts listed based on Karma.

You can purchase Reddit accounts with a good karma score on Upvote Market, a marketplace for Reddit accounts. We provide Reddit accounts with Karma ranging from 1,000 to 20,000.

You can buy Reddit accounts here, and we will provide you with the login details with instant delivery once the payment is confirmed.

If you have any questions or concerns, our 24/7 support is always available to help you answer the questions you need to know, as well as if you have any problems purchasing Reddit accounts.

We recommend reading out TOS before buying Reddit accounts from us to get a clear picture of what you are getting.

Is it Safe to Purchase Reddit Accounts? Won’t I Get Banned?

Purchasing Reddit accounts through our services is risk-free. However, it is best to follow the necessary safety precautions and instructions that we will provide.

Otherwise, Reddit may consider your activities on the account a threat and suspend your account. Avoid using public VPNs to log in and having multiple accounts signed in on the browser or device.

If you are found to have violated the safety instructions, Upvotemarket will not provide you with a replacement account.

What is the purpose of Reddit Karma?

What, exactly, is the purpose of Reddit karma? It’s nice to have a six-figure score to your name, but can you benefit from Karma in any other way? Let’s analyze what good Reddit karma can do for you:

You can write as many posts and comments as you want.

  • If you’re new to Reddit, you may have noticed that after you post a few times, you have to wait before you can post again.
  • How much Karma do I need to be able to post as much as I want? Nobody knows for sure. When you get more Karma, this speed bump will go away.

You will have access to “exclusive” Subreddits in the future.

  • Different communities may have different karma requirements.
  • Before you are allowed to join or post in specific Subreddits, you must have earned a certain amount of Karma.

High earners have more credibility.

  • Regarding expertise and opinions, Reddit users are notorious for having exceptionally high standards.
  • If you have a higher amount of Karma, you have more credibility to back up whatever you say.

Reddit karma is displayed publicly.

  • Anyone who wants to can easily find out how much Karma a user has built up.
  • So, people on Reddit are proud of their Karma, which is like having a high score at an arcade. On Reddit, Karma is often linked to respect.
  • Although none of these numerous advantages is of any use outside of Reddit, some users have found a way to make money off their Reddit karma by selling their accounts or posting on behalf of brands.

Benefits of High Karma Reddit accounts!

You can say Karma is a score maintained by Reddit for every account, and you can see it in your profile. You can see other people’s Karma also.

A link to Karma and comment Karma are combined to give your profile an overall Karma. You get Karma every time your post gets upvoted and decreases as you get downvotes. Here are some benefits of having higher Karma.

  • New Reddit accounts have a posting limit, so you must earn some karma to post as many times as you want.
  • Karma shows your Reddit account’s credibility. The higher your Karma, the more the people and Reddit trust you.
  • Having a good amount of Karma shows that you are an active member of society and regularly contribute to Reddit.
  • If you have a perfect account with good Karma, then Reddit is flexible for you, and your account has fewer chances of getting banned even if you are promoting yourself.
  • You have access to the most popular posts on Reddit when you have many Karma points, and you can also view exclusive subreddits. To participate in and post on specific subreddits, you are required to have a certain minimum number of Karma points.

So, these were some benefits of old Reddit accounts or Reddit accounts with higher Karma.

Why do people buy Reddit accounts?

There are many different causes on why people buy Reddit accounts. This might also be purchased to boost their product. Also, Reddit has flexible rules for old accounts contributing to the community.

It is mainly helpful for a Reddit marketing pro campaign and, if necessary, for advice on what to do with them.

So people also want to promote something on Reddit, so they buy an old Reddit account that will have a reliable reputation and people will trust you, and you can get tons of traffic or sales based on what you are promoting.

Why do I need to buy a Reddit Account?

The biggest and most important reason to buy a Reddit account is that you will save time and money.  If you use our services to buy an account, you can use the money you save to improve yourself and make other investments.

Aside from this, old Reddit accounts are great for making marketing posts because the content they post is usually pushed up and gets more attention.

Having a well-known account on the platform will make it easier for you to reach the 14 million people who use it every month in the US alone.

An good karma Reddit account will help you get the most out of this very active community, which is one of the best places to find content on the internet.

New Reddit accounts vs Aged Reddit accounts!

Some may be wondering why not make a new Reddit account and start working on it instead of purchasing an aged Reddit account. So, the answer is if you want to go a long way and put struggle into account, then you can go for it.

Everyone can use Reddit without paying a dime. To a certain extent, that is correct; however, you should be aware that Reddit recognizes and keeps track of your account.

If your account is new, Redditors may be reluctant to follow your links, so you’ll need to build your reputation before making any significant contributions because Reddit limits the options and puts a keen eye on new Reddit accounts because they are probably going to spam.

Also, people on Reddit do not trust new Reddit accounts. In addition, if your own Reddit account is fresh, you won’t be able to create a subreddit, and it’s possible that many popular subreddits won’t approve your posts.

However, if you buy an old Reddit account, you can immediately start creating active subreddits and posts without worrying about anyone questioning your credibility.

That is one of the advantages of having an old Reddit account.

Let’s assume you started a new Reddit account and you decided not to buy an aged Reddit account. You started sharing links on that Reddit account.

When people click your profile and see that it is a new account, they will not trust you, and it is most likely that they will report your account, and you may get banned, or at least your link will be removed. Whereas an old Reddit account has authenticity and is trustworthy according to Reddit users.

So, if you buy an old Reddit account, you can start your work as you already have a reputation and get many benefits from an aged Reddit account.

So, if you want to promote something on Reddit, you should buy an old-aged Reddit account with a good reputation.

People will trust you, and you can get a lot of traffic or sales, depending on what you are promoting.

High karma Reddit accounts VS Aged Reddit accounts

Upvote Market is a Reddit account marketplace where you can shop Reddit accounts with high Karma or aged Reddit accounts.

You can buy old Reddit accounts ranging in age from one year to twelve years, as well as high-karma Reddit accounts with a score of one thousand up to twenty thousand and above.

Karma is the score that Reddit maintains, as we discussed, but Reddit also maintains a record of how old a Reddit account is.

You get a badge on your Reddit profile that shows the age of your own Reddit account and is visible to everyone.

For instance, a Reddit account three years old will receive a badge to inform users that the account is three years old, increasing the account’s legitimacy. When you buy an old account, you get instant trust.

If you use Reddit, you might think that Karma is the most important trust factor, but it isn’t because you can get Karma quickly; you can’t get an old account that quickly.

Many subreddits require you to be a certain age to post on them. When you post and people click on your profile, having an old account makes you seem more accurate because of its weight.

Why we choose the Reddit High Karma accounts

  • Reddit’s version of Karma is not the same as Karma in the real world, but it is based on the idea of cause and effect.
  • Reddit users can get “digital karma” by participating in one of the many subreddit communities.
  • You get a “Reddit karma” score when you post and comment on Reddit. Users can also gain Karma by giving or receiving awards.
  • As we discussed above good karma account shows your activity on Reddit, and the higher the Karma, the more legality your account has. You can buy Reddit high karma account from here.
  • Having a karma account with a tremendous score is good if you want to post things and want to have a good impression on people who visit your Reddit profile.
  • But some people on Reddit also look into accounts age of the Reddit accounts.
  • High Karma is good, but the age of your Reddit account also matters if you want to get the most out of Reddit.

Why do we choose aged Reddit accounts?

  • Aged Reddit accounts to put an impression on your visitors that you have been here for a long time, and you may have heard this famous quote “Old is Gold.” 
  • On this Reddit accounts marketplace, we also have aged Reddit accounts for sale.
  • We have Reddit accounts ranging from 1-year-old to 12-year-old accounts. It is totally up to you which account best fits your needs.
  • Reddit has flexible rules for old accounts that are contributing to the community. So, if you want to buy aged Reddit accounts, you can buy them here.
  • If you buy an “old Reddit account,” your marketing posts will seem more trustworthy.
  • If you talk about a product and someone clicks on your username and sees that your account is only a month old and hasn’t been used much, they will think it’s spam.
  • But if the account has some karma and has been around for a few years, it won’t look like you just posted ads.
  • Before you can post or comment on some Subreddits, you must have a certain number of posts or comments on your account.
  • If you wonder how much comment karma you do need before you can post or comment on the subreddit, it’s unknown.

High Karma or Reddit accounts age?

You may be wondering which is more critical, Karma or the age of the Reddit account. Both are predominant. In Karma, it’s easier to gain over age, but you must spend time with the account to get enough Karma that other people start to trust you.

Suppose you decide to do it yourself. Karma shows how trustworthy your Reddit account is. People and Reddit will trust you more if you have high Karma. The information is on the person’s profile.

People who hover over your username on the desktop will see your comment karma and post Karma separately. Karma shows your activity in the community, where accounts age shows how much old your account is.

Let’s talk about old Reddit accounts, which have a lot of advantages.

Have you ever tried to use Reddit with a new account? If not, you may have noticed that new Reddit accounts have some restrictions.

You can try it if you want to, but it will take a long time to get where you want to go. Also, if you tried to use links, your account might be banned, or they might take the link down, but if you buy an old Reddit account, you can start making subreddits or posts, and no one will question your reputation.

You can choose the age of different Reddit accounts you want to buy from the table provided above, where you’ll also find the option to buy Reddit accounts.

We offer support 24/7 and are here to assist you if you encounter any issues while purchasing Reddit accounts.

If you are interested, you can buy the Reddit accounts that you want from our Reddit marketing website upvotemarket, which provides you rich quality accounts, or message us if you have any questions.

Is it worth it to buy a Reddit account?

We already talked about it earlier but let us get deep into it.

You are concerned about his reputation when you buy something or deal with someone. Reddit works the same way.

As Reddit gets tons of traffic daily, it attracts spammers. Spammers make new accounts and promote their links to get traffic or sales. Reddit has a karma system, and the age of the account can be used to determine the reputation of the Reddit accounts.

If Reddit sees new accounts promoting their links, then they ban those accounts. Also, other people in the Reddit community can check your liability by visiting your profile.

So, if you plan to promote your links, products, or anything else on Reddit, you must have an excellent reputation; otherwise, you may get banned.

It is recommended that you buy a Reddit account from us that will have a good reputation, and you will have share posts on Reddit, and no one can challenge your credibility.

Reddit is a vast news platform, and if you get one of your links viral on Reddit, you will get tons of traffic and make huge profits.

For example, if you sell a t-shirt online and one of your t-shirts gets viral on Reddit, you will get a lot of sales from there.

Reddit can be mighty if you use it wisely, and the first step is to have a Reddit account with a good reputation which you can buy from us from upvotemarket.


Ultimately, we recommend purchasing an aged Reddit account with good Karma and age so that you can use Reddit for your benefit and promote your links, products, or anything else without the fear of getting banned or anyone reporting your Reddit account for spam.

We have accounts for different needs. You can buy Reddit accounts from our website upvotemarket, as shown above.

All you need to do is select an account you want from the above table and add it to the cart; after clearing your payment, you will receive your login information which you can change quickly and use this account as you want.

If there is any problem, you can message us, and we will provide service until it’s resolved. 

We recommend you read our TOS to avoid any issues and to be aware of what value you are getting for your money.