Terms of services

Terms of services

By using this website you agree to the following:

1- No refund or exchange of account will be claimed once the account logins are shared with the buyer.

2- No exchange will be made for the accounts after purchase.

3- Please check the account in all aspects before purchase, as no warranty or refund will be claimed after all.

4- An order can take up to 48 hours in delivery in special cases, if the order is not delivered within the stipulated period of 48 hours, you may contact the support team or online agent to inquire for further information or refund.

5- We do not recommend people to buy Reddit accounts who are not familiar with Reddit. Because we have no time to teach newbies. We just sell accounts and services and do not provide any tuition.

The upvotemarket.com team reserve the rights to have amendments in T.O.S of the site.